How do I transfer money out of my Ferry account?

You have two options to transfer funds out of your Ferry account

Standard Transfers

  • Standard transfers can be made to any linked US bank account.
  • Standard transfers initiated before 4pm EST are typically available in your destination account the next business day, but may take up to 5 business days depending on your bank's internal policies.
  • If you initiate a transfer after 4pm EST, the funds will typically be available in 2 business days. 
  • Standard transfer are free

Instant Transfers

  • Ferry partners with Astra in order to facilitate instant transfers.
  • Instant transfers can be made to a successfully linked US debit card. If you are having trouble linking a debit card, click here.
  • Instant transfers are typically available instantly in your destination account. 
  • Instant transfer fees are 1.75% of the transfer total (up to $25)
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