My card was lost or stolen—what should I do?

If your card is temporarily lost (ie: you left it at a restaurant), you can freeze your card from your Ferry account so that no purchases can be made, and then unfreeze the card once you get it back.

If you need a new card, you can replace it by reporting your card as lost/stolen in your Ferry account by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your Ferry account
  2. Click "Manage Card"
  3. Click "Reissue Card"
  4. Select "My card has been lost or stolen"
  5. Confirm your mailing address
  6. Click "Reissue Card"

Your old card will be canceled to prevent fraudulent purchases and a new card will be mailed to your address in 7-10 business days. 

If you need to access your funds in the meantime, you can:

  1. Transfer funds out of your Ferry Payroll account by scheduling a Standard or Instant Transfer,
  2. Ask your manager for a temporary Instant Issue card.

Heads up—If there are any unauthorized transactions on your account, you will need to dispute the transactions.


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