How do I retrieve my money from a Visa Signature Bank?

Follow the steps below to get cash from any Visa participating bank:

  1. Take your Visa-branded Ferry Payroll Card to any teller inside a Visa member bank. You must go to a teller inside the bank and not to an ATM. 
  2. Follow the over-the-counter bank teller cash withdrawal instructions to withdraw cash from your Ferry Payroll Program Account. 
  3. You must know your exact balance in advance and ensure you have enough funds to cover your intended withdrawal amount—the teller will not have access to this information. You can get your exact balance by logging into your Ferry account using the Ferry mobile app or at

There is no charge for the over-the-counter transactions in the US, no matter how much cash you withdraw from your Ferry Payroll Card account. 

There is no limit to the amount you can withdraw from a bank teller as long as your withdrawal does not exceed your account balance.

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